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With so many devices available, it is difficult to pin down one specific smartphone as the best phone on the market. Different phones excel in different categories, and each have their strengths and weaknesses.

Here at Samsung Galaxy VII, we look at LOT of phone and usually we cover Samsung models and a handful of other brands. Here is a roundup of the best phones on the market we’ve found out of all the current 2014 models.

So here we go…

Best Phone Specs

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Heralded consistently as the best phone on the market for business owners, power users, and anyone who needs a phone that can outperform everything else on the market, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has the best hardware available. This #1 position is not quite as obvious or distant as it once was, but the Note series is known for producing devices with enough power to handle anything users might throw at them.

Best Screen


LG G3 - Best phone screen on the market

So many devices released lately brag about screen size, but what about screen quality? One key indicator of quality is pixel density, which the LG G3 has in excess at 538 pixels per inch. While the 5.5 inch screen may not have quite the same amount of screen space as other devices, it is certainly a thing of beauty to look at.

Best Build Quality

HTC One (M8)

HTC One (M8)  - Best phone build quality on the market

In a world of mainly plastic devices (outside the iPhone), HTC sought to make a device out of aluminum. The build quality of the HTC One (M8) is simply impeccable, even improving upon its prequel that was decided as the best Android phone of 2013. An absolute pleasure to hold in the hand, this device certainly feels the best out of anything on this list.

Best Camera on a Phone

iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus - Best phone camera on the market

Though Android may be gaining market share and improving by leaps and bounds year after year, one property that simply cannot be conquered is camera quality. While a select few Android devices have come through with decent cameras or even good cameras, none are great. A few devices in the Nokia Lumia line of Windows phones have had impressive megapixel counts, but lagged behind in camera features and other measures of quality.

Apple, however, has consistently put out some of the best smartphone cameras available. The iPhone 6 Plus is no exception, producing photos and video footage that are second to none. For those who need a great camera packed right into their phone, this is the only way to go.

Best Phone Software

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 AND Motorola Nexus 6

Motorola Nexus 6 - Best phone software on the market

The title of best software is a tossup depending on personal preference. For many, tools are the main purpose of a smartphone and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the best source of tools. Couple the built in software with the functionality of the S Pen and this device allows users to accomplish amazing feats with nothing more than a phone. Users who need massive functionality baked in should be pleasantly content with all the features that the Note 4 offers.

What about users who don’t want a plethora of tools they’ll never touch? For some, anything outside the core functionality of the operating system is fluff or bloatware, and they want nothing to do with it. From this perspective, no other device can beat the simple, clean software of stock Android that comes on the Nexus 6. Built essentially as a test platform for Google’s developers, this device is as straightforward as they come and should get updates nearly immediately, with a longer support period than almost any other device available.

All Around Best Phone on the Market

Motorola Moto X (2014)

Motorola Moto X - Best all around phone on the market

Though it may not turn heads in any specific category, the best single device released this year has to be the Motorola Moto X 2014 edition. The specs may not be the absolute top of the line, but they hold their own against other powerful devices and the phone is plenty capable of satisfying the most demanding users. The build quality is extremely solid and offers and extremely customizable back cover, with options ranging from bamboo to genuine NFL football leather (sadly, a Verizon exclusive). The software is nearly stock, but with a few extra Motorola features that make the device perfect for anyone. Unless you have a specific need for Samsung tools or the absolute best camera available, this is the 2014 best phone on the market for you.

What are your thoughts on the best phone?

Declaring the best phone on the market can be a highly debatable topic. We would love to get your feedback and opinions in the comments below.

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