Galaxy S6 comes with Sennheiser earphones

The Galaxy S6 by Samsung comes out of the box with earplugs made ​​by Sennheiser, according to new information from Samsung blog SamMobile.

The Galaxy S6 is already geared to be a best seller for Samsung. For the Galaxy S5 was not so successful as its predecessor, both in terms of sales and the innovations that brought the device. To impress consumers, Samsung will add standard Sennheiser earbuds to the Galaxy S6.

Sennheiser Galaxy S6 Earphonesgalaxy s6 earphone jack

The Galaxy S6 earphones from Sennheiser would offer higher quality audio and specially designed for Samsung. They may get a fitting design that fits the Galaxy S6, which is being reported as metal.

It remains unclear which version of the Galaxy S6 will be delivered the Sennheiser earbuds. It is possible that they will be included in the normal Galaxy S6, but there are also rumors about a special high-end Edge version. The Galaxy S6 Edge has rumored a screen that goes over the side, in addition to the other powerful hardware features of the normal Galaxy S6. The Edge version is sold at a higher price and could be the only Galaxy S6 version with Sennheiser earbuds.



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