Samsung Galaxy S7 Specs: Storage and RAM

In a day when smartphones have to be blistering fast, the amount of RAM or memory a device has is a good indicator in how much it can handle while maintaining speed. Furthermore, with users trying to cut corners on data usage, storage space allows users to save media locally and avoid running up absurd data charges. Both storage and RAM play a big part in determining how a phone will fare on the market, so what does Samsung have in store for the next installment in the Galaxy series?

How much data will the Galaxy S7 hold?

Samsung has typically been a crowd pleaser when it comes to storage space. Previous editions of the Galaxy line have come with anywhere between 32GB and 128GB of onboard storage. In addition to this huge local drive, the Galaxy S5 and earlier supported expandable storage in the form of a microSD card slot.

The most recent Galaxy devices, the S6 and S6 Edge, sacrificed the microSD slot and removable storage, a decision that was met with enormous backlash from consumers. Many users love the ability to quickly transfer data from one device to another simply by moving a chip around. Though many OEMs have begun to phase out microSD support, Samsung seemed to be one manufacturer intent on keeping the card slot in future devices. With the S6, that feature is no longer a given.

With the abysmal reviews that the S6 received, Samsung is put in a hard position. Many experts believe microSD support is dying across all devices and platforms, which may just be a result of the industry. Samsung may elect to include a card slot again in the S7 in attempts to buck this trend and give consumers what they ask for. However, chances are Samsung will simply cut losses and leave out microSD support for future devices, hoping that consumers accept this as a shift in the mobile landscape at large.

What will memory look like in the Galaxy S7?

A far less controversial issue for Samsung, we can take a look at previous installments to get an idea of how much RAM to expect in the S7. The Samsung Galaxy S6 contains an impressive 3GB of memory, an impressive amount by phone standards. The S5 has 2GB, as well as the S4 before it. Given this trend, chances are Samsung will either include 3 or 4GB of RAM in the S7. Memory is cheap and vastly improves multitasking ability on a device, but 3GB is probably enough to keep the Galaxy S7 in line with other flagship devices while maintaining price point and manufacturing ability for Samsung.

Some rumor sites are suggesting that Samsung has plans to include an 8GB RAM chip in the Galaxy S7. Though this would be a drastic step above anything offered in mobile devices to date, it is entirely possible and would place the S7 on a tier all its own. Samsung is known to push the envelope as much as possible, and this could be the facet in which the Korean giant places the majority of its effort for innovation.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 will be an impressive and powerful device, no matter what specs Samsung decides to equip it with. We can expect 32-128GB of onboard storage, regardless of whether they include a microSD card slot. RAM will be a minimum of 3GB, possibly more if Samsung really wants to impress consumers (ex. LPDDR4 8GB). The minimum in this range will still put the Samsung S7 above the S6 given other technological advancements and features that Samsung includes. Consumers may be opposed to the death of expandable storage in mobile devices, but it may simply be a shift in the industry that will soon be prevalent across the board.

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