Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Apple iPhone 7

As the two biggest contenders in today’s mobile industry, Samsung and Apple are often compared on policy, technology, sales, and numerous other facets. Justifiably so, the flagships from each are typically the best selling devices on the market year after year and users who have traditionally favored one often switch to the other. Though Android contains a variety of devices from different manufacturers at different price points, Samsung is typically heralded as the giant with some of the best devices available. In order to get a good idea of how the two may compare, we’ll look at the recently released iPhone 7 against the tentative rumors about the Galaxy S7.


Operating System

One of the most obvious differences to anyone is that Samsung devices run on Android, while Apple devices run on iOS. Though early generations of the two systems differed on many points, they’ve mostly converged to offer much of the same technology. Committing to a certain ecosystem will limit dedicated users’ willingness to switch, but new users can expect a similar experience on either.



Being top of the line devices, both options will cost a pretty penny. Interested consumers can expect both devices to retail for roughly $200 with a 2-year contract, and something north of $800 off contract. Apple has announced several plans that essentially allow users to lease an iPhone, which Samsung may attempt to match for their own devices.


Fairly evenly matched, both devices will likely offer between 16 and 128 GB of storage. A possible difference between the devices is microSD memory card support. The iPhone 7 definitely does not support expandable storage, so users are permanently limited to the amount of storage they choose to purchase initially. Samsung dropped support of microSD cards with the Galaxy S6, but may choose to reintroduce them in response to the customer backlash they received.




Catering toward power users, the Samsung Galaxy S7 will likely have far more multitasking potential than the iPhone 7. Samsung has been lauded for its split screen capabilities to view multiple applications on screen at any given time. Furthermore, rumors that the Galaxy S7 will contain 8 GB of RAM would allow it to process far more information simultaneously.


With modern smartphones often surpassing the capabilities of even recent point and shoot dedicated cameras, it should come as no surprise that the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 will pack quite a punch with their ability to capture photos and video. According to some studies, the iPhone 7 camera is almost identical to the original iPhone 6 in quality. Given that the Galaxy S6 camera was considered superior to the iPhone 6, consumers can expect that the camera on the Samsung S7 will be greater than or at least equal to the quality of the S6.

Though competition is hot between Apple and Samsung, the iPhone 6S/7 and tentative Galaxy S7 share a lot of similarities. For those heavily invested in one or the other, it may behoove them to remain on their current platform. New users would be well advised to try out demo handsets from both company to see which they like using better. Both are thoroughly impressive devices, and user experience may be the biggest difference between the two.


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