Samsung Galaxy S8: Rumors, Release Date, Specs and more

Though the Samsung Galaxy S7 is still fresh out of the box, it’s never too early to form some speculation and ideas about what the Galaxy S8 may contain.


If Samsung has found the sweet spot with the widest consumer appeal in a display of 5.1” diagonally, it should be safe to assume that the Galaxy S8 will also be 5.1” or slightly larger.

Though pixel density is approaching a level that is hard to notice an increase in, Samsung may push the envelope to 4K resolution as a selling point for the S8. Keeping in line with the Galaxy line, the pixel density should be at least 577 ppi or greater.



The Snapdragon 810 overheating snafu marred an otherwise stellar record for Galaxy processors. However, if the experimental devices with the Snapdragon 820 behave as designed, the Galaxy S8 may ship with the latest Snapdragon processor across all markets.

If the results of the experimental devices are inconclusive, Samsung may elect to do another demo market with a new Snapdragon processor in some devices and the sequel to the Exynos 8890 Octa in others.

samsung galaxy s6 phone


With the backlash from consumers about the removal of the microSD slot in the Galaxy S6, and the inevitable praise that Samsung will receive for including it again in the Galaxy S7, the Galaxy S8 will almost certainly have a microSD slot.

Barring any serious issues with the card slot on the S7, the S8 will likely support up to 200GB cards as well.

new samsung galaxy s6

As for internal storage, there will almost definitely be 32GB and 64GB versions of the Galaxy S8 at minimum. There may be a 16GB budget version and/or a 128GB version for even more storage, but those options depend on the success of the Galaxy S7 and what consumers want in a new device.


With the lackluster 12MP camera in the Galaxy S7, Samsung can go one of two directions. If the bulk of Galaxy S7 users are content with the quality, Samsung may continue to go with a 12MP shooter in order to make room for other improvements in the Galaxy S8. If S7 users are generally unhappy with the photo quality (the more likely scenario), we may very well see a Galaxy S8 with a ridiculously overpowered camera in compensation for how bad the Galaxy S7 camera is.

When the S8 is released and the 2-year-old S6 had a 16MP camera, anything 20MP or higher is possible and even likely.

galaxy s7

samsung s7

Curved Display

Sticking with a trend set by the Galaxy S6 Edge and original Note Edge, there will definitely be a curved version of the Galaxy S8. If there are extreme advances in technology before early 2017, there may be a flexible display model of the Galaxy S8, but flexible devices may yet be several years in the future.

At worst, the Galaxy S8 Edge will at least have improved upon the curved display functionality in the Galaxy S6 and S7.

samsung galaxy s7


Since battery life is often the most sought after facet of a new handset, Samsung will likely stick with the 3000 mAh battery of the Galaxy S7 or possibly even push it further to 3200 mAh or more.

The biggest limitation is that only so much battery volume can fit into a phone without increasing the size or weight of the device. Unless battery technology evolves past the Lithium Ion style batteries used by most phones today, expect the Galaxy S8 to have battery life similar to or greater than the S7. Oh, and don’t get your hopes up for a removable battery.

Though Samsung did bring back a microSD card slot, we’re pretty sure the removable battery ship has sailed.


Galaxy S8 Specifications

Specifications Galaxy S8 Specs
Battery 4200 mAh
Camera Features Optical image stabilization, geo tagging, facial recognition, HDR, auto laser focus
Camera – Front 9.0 Megapixels
Camera – Rear 30 Megapixels
Colors Black, blue, gold, and white
Features Corning Gorilla Glass 5, 4G LTE, Bluetooth 5.0, fingerprint scanner, retina eye scanner, wireless charging, rapid charging, mini projector
Memory 64 and 128 GB internal memory and expandable with dual micro SD cards
Operating System Current Android operating system 2017
Price $850 USD, 775 Euro – see below
Processor Snapdragon Qualcomm octa-core 3.2 GHz processor
Release Date April 2017 – See Below
Screen Display 5.2” 4K display with a 4096 x 2160 screen resolution

Samsung Galaxy S8 Price

Country Galaxy S8 Price Galaxy S8 Edge Price
Australia 1166 Australian Dollar 1236 Australian Dollar
Austria 775 Euro 820 Euro
Brazil 2925 Brazilian Real 3090 Brazilian Real
Canada 1117 Canadian Dollar 1182 Canadian Dollar
China 5275 Chinese Yuan 5589 Chinese Yuan
Denmark 5779 Danish Krone 6122 Danish Krone
England 545 British Pound Sterling 576 British Pound Sterling
Finland 775 Euro 820 Euro
France 775 Euro 820 Euro
Germany 775 Euro 820 Euro
Greece 775 Euro 820 Euro
Hong Kong 6590 Hong Kong Dollar 6978 Hong Kong Dollar
Hungary 238,318 Hungarian Forint 252,272 Hungarian Forint
India 54,387 Indian Rupee 57,591 Indian Rupee
Indonesia 1,1445,250 Indonesian Rupiah 1,2141,450 Indonesian Rupiah
Italy 775 Euro 820 Euro
Japan 105,431 Japanese Yen 111,601 Japanese Yen
Nigeria 169,150 Nigerian Naira 179,100 Nigerian Naira
Philippines 38,869 Philippine Peso 41,139 Philippine Peso
Poland 3212 Polish Zloty 3398 Polish Zloty
Russia 53,376 Russian Ruble 56,404 Russian Ruble
Singapore 1089 Singapore Dollar 1238 Singapore Dollar
South Africa 9,990 South African Rand 11,426 South African Rand
South Korea 992,868 South Korean Won 1,051,969 South Korean Won
Spain 775 Euro 820 Euro
Switzerland 822 Swiss Franc 870 Swiss Franc
Taiwan 26,928 New Taiwan Dollar 28,498 New Taiwan Dollar
The Netherlands 775 Euro 820 Euro
United States $850 $900

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date

Release Date by Country Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Edge Release Date
Australia 3rd Week April 2017
Austria 3rd Week April 2017
Brazil 3rd Week April 2017
Canada 2nd Week April 2017
China 1st Week April 2017
Denmark 3rd Week April 2017
England 2nd Week April 2017
Finland 4th Week April 2017
France 3rd Week April 2017
Germany 3rd Week April 2017
Greece 3rd Week April 2017
Hong Kong 1st Week April 2017
Hungary 4th Week April 2017
India 2nd Week April 2017
Indonesia 3rd Week April 2017
Italy 3rd Week April 2017
Japan 1st Week April 2017
Nigeria 4th Week April 2017
Philippines 2nd Week April 2017
Poland 3rd Week April 2017
Russia 3rd Week April 2017
Singapore 3rd Week April 2017
South Africa 3rd Week April 2017
South Korea 1st Week April 2017
Spain 3rd Week April 2017
Sweden 3rd Week April 2017
Switzerland 3rd Week April 2017
Taiwan 1st Week April 2017
The Netherlands 4th Week April 2017
United States 2nd Week April 2017
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