Tapped Out: How to get Lisa back

So in my Tapped Out world, I lost Lisa. Well not lost exactly, but after the Monorail update, she could only do Garbage collection jobs. Any other Lisa job was unavailable and in a weird way too. Her basic jobs like Clean Up Springfield was unselectable, and jobs like working in the Coffee Shop got a weird unavailable message behind the floating job window, see:

Lisa tapped out broken jobs

She could still do some other jobs though like Cartwheels and Turkey calling and practicing soccer, but they would take here to a mysterious green screen.

lisa green screen

I thought this green was grass, but I wasn’t able to move. Other than this she wasn’t walking around anywhere. Super weird.

I contacted EA support about the problem. After a live chat, they concluded that it was a problem and escalated it. When I was contacted by the escalation team, they lost the transcript for the chat so I had to explain it all again. Basically the last message from them was:

“What I can try is removing Lisa and re-adding her. See if that corrects the issue. If that does not work I might have to revert the save back to before this started happening.”

Unfortunately this didn’t work either and Lisa was still broken. So when the Halloween update happened I was desperate to get her back and had an idea. Krusty Land.

I haven’t been in Krusty Land in forever (I’m level 58) and immediately when I went there, Lisa appeared walking around!! I gave here a quick 30 minute job and once complete I went back to Springfield, then guess what? She was BACK!!!

So, I feel pretty proud of myself, fixing a problem that even EA couldn’t solve. Hopefully this helps someone else out.

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